Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend in West Glover

With the season waning a bit, we headed up to the Northeast Kingdom to quaint little Lake Palmer, where we were able to participate in an informal, anything-goes regatta and introduce some Kingdom dwellers to Paddleboarding.

It was a huge hit with the folks. In the bubble of the Northeast Kingdom, many hadn't heard of or seen the sport before. Everyone jumped on a board, young and old, and got a great taste for stand up paddling on a beautiful pre-autumn weekend. Lake Palmer was the perfect size for easy paddling and enjoying stellar scenery.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stand Up 12

The Stand Up 12 has made its anticipated debut in Vermont and will be added to our fleet. Imagine Surfboards of Montreal pulled in a dose of kayak design and mixed it with a standard SUP surfboard style for a hybrid that is a dream flatwater paddle machine.

The Stand Up 12's kayak-style plastic shell holds up to any and all rock and sand encounters. It's as stable a board as you will find, and it's even got a little dry hatch to stash stuff. Because it is a little heavier than the traditional SUP, a wheel is attached to one end for easy transporting.

Roll it up to the water's edge and hop on. It's that easy.