Sunday, November 11, 2012

Past Peak Paddleboarding

Our quest to couple that quintessential Vermont foliage scene with the fresh perspective of Stand Up Paddling took us to Milton, Vt., of all places this October. There’s a dam there on the Lamoille River that creates Arrowhead Lake — typically a duck hunters' paradise, but we opened it up to SUP this year (dodging bird decoys, camouflaged boats and dudes with guns hiding in the brush — and fortunately no bullets).
The Mist of Milton Falls
Yep, hunting season on the lake coincides with the color changes. Only slightly daunted, we took a handful of trips to these backwaters and found some sweet glassy water to lay down a foundation for the Tai Chi S.U.P. discipline we are developing (why should Yogis have all the mindfulness paddleboarding fun?) as well as various skies of blue, gray and mist.

TAI CHI S.U.P. (it rhymes, and is awesome)

We missed the height of a brilliant foliage season for various reasons, but nonetheless had some great late-season outings — both pre-peak and post-peak.

In the foreground there, that's where the hunters hang out
So the peak SUPFoliage quest will continue for another cycle. Meantime, we’ll see you during mandatory wetsuit season, or when we pick it up again in the spring. 

— Jason