Friday, September 24, 2010

Autmun on the coast

After a wonderful summer in Burlington Bay and on Lake Champlain, the transition to fall has us keeping an eye on the Atlantic Ocean for spikes in the surf report. We've seen several Vermonters making the trip to NH already, and comfortably suited up in the thick neoprene, we look forward to a full autumn of surfing and skiing :) With a summer of training on Champlain under our belts, it's time to step up the game.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The second annual Stand Up for the Lake fundraiser event at the Burlington Sailing Center was a free-form race/relay with a good mix of seasoned Stand Up Paddlers and folks newer to the sport. With a strong wind from the south, five wide, and tight buoy turns, the races took a little bit of a boatercross feel — just a friendly amount of angling and banging.

Thanks to the Sailing Center for putting on a fun event. Great to see Vermont's stand up community coming together!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


September and the weather's changed a bit, at least temporarily. The north wind came through at about 30 mph Saturday and cleared the heat and humidity right out. This was the same day Hurricane Earl was sideswiping the East Coast and throwing out some sizable swell for the Atlantic surfers.

The wind was doing the same for us on Lake Champlain, and all the north-facing beaches were, as they say, firing. I've never seen 5-footers on the lake before, but there they were, racing toward shore. I was stunned by how fast they move pushed by a 30 mph wind.

It was a challenge getting out on the SUP boards, fighting the wind and the breaking waves with no more than a few seconds between them. But a good handful of us worked it, and were rewarded with fast, long rides and nice turnable faces. It's a treat, this inland surfing ... saves the 3-hour-each-way trip to the coast.

Hoping for more ... And hoping to get pics and vids of it next time.

In the meantime, we've been gathering the Champlain summer sunset suite of 2010, and here's the latest and one of the best.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lesson Progression

Had a special lesson last week with a mom and daughter who had won the lesson in a silent auction fundraiser for a Colchester resident fighting cancer. The duo decided it was time to redeem the lesson voucher on an awesome, calm midweek evening.

They submitted these photos, which show their progression as we set out on our knees, getting a feel for the stability of the boards ... and return standing up tall enjoying another lovely sunset over Lake Champlain.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Demo night at the Rez

Just as SUP has spread from West to East across the USA, it is spreading in Vermont too, but in the general North to South direction. This summer it has reached the Stowe and Mad River valleys with a series of Stand Up demo events.

We checked out the Wednesday night thing at the Waterbury Reservoir this week. Great turnout on a hot, humid evening. And glassy waters compared to our Lake Champlain stomping grounds.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Surf's Up for Stand Up

The heat we had in early July turned dramatically last week as strong north winds buffeted Lake Champlain. We watched from Oakledge Beach as the wind swell built to surfable levels then spent parts of three days playing with the Stand Up boards in the surf, paddling in and coming down the short faces, then hanging on for some long rides into the beach ... and back out again. Total fun. We were too busy playing to get any action shots, but here's what it looked like before paddling out :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot, Hazy and Heavenly

This shot came in from Kirsten during an evening paddle at the height of Vermont's July heat wave. The air was still, the lake water warm and the humidity high. Things have cooled off a bit since those days in the 90-degree range, but this is a reminder of what it felt like. Looks quite heavenly, this photo, like she's preparing for the ascension.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

SUP with the Pup

First, let's show you what just happened to bike by as we were setting up our spot at Oakledge on Sunday. Wow, what a bike! Don't know how he got on it.

Ok, now let's point out that this is our spot at Oakledge -- just so everyone knows what to look for when you need a Stand Up Paddle fix in Burlington, Vermont.

Finally, we wanted to show you what hours of training has wrought for us and our guy Manny. A ride around the bay by Stand Up Paddleboard. Everyone's doing it. Now we know why. Manny loved it. He's still working on his dismount though ... just like the guy on the bike I imagine.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Otter Creek delta

Yes, Otter Creek is one of Vermont's most popular microbreweries. It wasn't until a recent trip to Ferrisburgh that we realized it's also a fantastic paddle spot. We found ourselves at the confluence - if that's the right terminology - of Otter Creek and Lake Champlain, basically, where the creek meets the lake.

We headed upstream for a nice, mellow and glassy cruise, then turned around and spilled into the lake at one of its most narrow spots. New York seemed just a stone's throw away, and the Adirondack views were inspiring. A marshy area had us listening to the array of bird calls, and a beautiful sunset capped the evening.

We have a skier!
Meredith furthering the art of Yogaboarding
Little Mafali takes hold of a paddle
And joins for a cruise

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mr. Faty-pus

As owner of Colorado's Faty-pus Skis, Jared Mazlish makes some of the fattest powder skis available in the snow industry. Mazlish is an East Coaster by birth and while back in Vermont last week, he got a chance to step onto a pair that out-fat even the Faty-pus. Surf Skis!
Mazlish picked things up pretty quick — he's used to a lot of volume under foot — and was paddling around on a glassy night at Leddy Park with ease.
His real goal is to ski some waves, and he hopes to get back east before long to take these things to the coast.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soft opening

Soft opening today for Paddlesurf Champlain down at Oakledge Park and Beach. Come join. Weather looks permissive :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

… aannnnnnnnnnd, we’re back

Hope everyone enjoyed a stellar offseason of your fave winter activities. It was a mild one and Lake Champlain is ahead of its annual warm-up schedule. Burlington’s guess-when-the-ice-will-melt contest set a record for earlyness.

Leah and I stepped foot on board over the weekend for the first of what we plan to be many paddleboard launches out of Oakledge Park. We’re pleased to announce we’ll be locating the business there again this season, launching lessons, rentals and tours out of an improved setup on the beach.

We’re psyched. Visit us online at and get ready for a first Stand Up Paddle tour or come back and build on your experiences from last season.

Here’s a few teaser shots from Sunday to get you stoked … We're expecting summerlike temps this weekend!

See you on the water …

— Jason

Leah sets out

Risked it and took the camera on board ...

Working on the back-loaded (poppa wheelie) spin turn

Vietnamese food up Flynn Avenue with the lake and 'Dacks in the backdrop. Mmmmgood.