Sunday, September 5, 2010


September and the weather's changed a bit, at least temporarily. The north wind came through at about 30 mph Saturday and cleared the heat and humidity right out. This was the same day Hurricane Earl was sideswiping the East Coast and throwing out some sizable swell for the Atlantic surfers.

The wind was doing the same for us on Lake Champlain, and all the north-facing beaches were, as they say, firing. I've never seen 5-footers on the lake before, but there they were, racing toward shore. I was stunned by how fast they move pushed by a 30 mph wind.

It was a challenge getting out on the SUP boards, fighting the wind and the breaking waves with no more than a few seconds between them. But a good handful of us worked it, and were rewarded with fast, long rides and nice turnable faces. It's a treat, this inland surfing ... saves the 3-hour-each-way trip to the coast.

Hoping for more ... And hoping to get pics and vids of it next time.

In the meantime, we've been gathering the Champlain summer sunset suite of 2010, and here's the latest and one of the best.

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